Why Join NAIFA

The Community that Cares.

NAIFA members are advisors that focus first and foremost on client care. Satisfaction comes from providing guidance to families who are seeking financial wellness. A NAIFA advisor is a person who continuously strives to improve and gives back to the local community, or what we refer to as Main Street USA.

NAIFA advisors are the closest to the consumer. Our membership is made up of all sorts of advisors that practice at the kitchen table, at local coffee shops, in board rooms and in offices that bear their name on the shingle. Advisors seek out NAIFA to surround themselves with like-minded people, to further their professional development and to increase their professionalism in their practice, advocacy efforts & community involvement.Our NAIFA community spans all 50 states and US territories. Despite the diversity found in the type of work that our members are doing, the characteristics of who joins NAIFA are the same.

NAIFA Members

  • value personal leadership & have typically held leadership roles throughout their life in school, sports & the community
  • wholly support the American values of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness
  • value the democratic process and actively understand the power of their voice & vote
  • are dedicated and determined to create unique solutions that are optimal for each client
  • passionately pursue personal & professional excellence

NAIFA Members Include

  • Insurance Agents/Advisors (Captive & Independent)
  • Financial Advisors & Financial Planners
  • Broker/ Dealers
  • Multiline Agents
  • Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Specialists
  • Owners of Agencies
  • Staff of Carrier Corporations
  • Independent Marketing Organizations

Purpose of NAIFA

NAIFA is the only organization serving and representing insurance and financial advisors regardless of the products they sell, or the focus of their practice. NAIFA’s focus is to:

  • protect your business
  • grow your business
  • promote ethical business conduct

NAIFA Advocates at the State & Federal Levels

When funds need to be raised in government, politicians turn to the tax code to find revenue. NAIFA advocates at both the state and federal level on issues that affect the well-being of both your clients’ assets as well as your own advisor business.  NAIFA membership is the best insurance you can buy to protect your business.

NAIFA Members are Promoted to Consumers as Trusted Advisors

NAIFA members are listed and promoted on the consumer site www.advisorsyoucantrust.org. Consumers know working with a NAIFA member means working with professionals who adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

NAIFA Members are More Successful

Membership to NAIFA attracts top performers who are civic-minded. This hard-working group of people focus on the process of continually building their business, increasing knowledge & enhancing skills. NAIFA’s educational offerings provide members with the professional development and continuing education needed to be a top producer. Additionally, NAIFA offers more than 50 professional programs and products to enhance skills and provide value-added business services.

Major carrier studies continuously show that NAIFA members earn significantly more than their non-NAIFA counterparts. Many of the industry’s leading companies support NAIFA membership by contributing towards dues payments and facilitating payments. Find out if your company supports your membership in NAIFA.

Do You Belong at NAIFA?

Joining NAIFA is a personal statement that you adhere to the highest Code of Ethics in all that you do, seek continuous improvement through education, belong to a network of trusted advisors and actively support advocacy efforts that protect our industry at the federal and state level. Additionally, NAIFA members seek camaraderie and a tight-knit community to find new industry colleagues and establish long-term friendships.

Does this sound like you? If yes, click here to join online.