“Kudos to NAIFA for developing such a course! I’ve been involved (both as student and teacher) in Dale Carnegie and various industry designation classes. In my opinion, LILI ranks at the top in helping prioritize what is important in life, and achieving one’s self-determined definition of success.”  —

Michael Standrod, CLU, REBC  (Arkansas)

NOW is the time and we have an exclusive program just for NAIFA members! If you think you might be interested in this life-changing program – to advance your career and enhance your personal life – NAIFA-Florida would like to hear from you! A new class is forming in 2024 and we’d like to know if you’re interested!

Space is limited so RSVP today!

NAIFA’s Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) 


The NAIFA Leadership in Life Institute is a six-month program offered exclusively to NAIFA members who are committed to growing intellectually and professionally through deep introspection and discussion. The intense curriculum creates a unique learning environment that encourages participants to bring out the best in themselves and apply what is learned across every aspect of their lives. LILI develops leaders by fostering personal growth, enhancing business practices, and developing skills necessary for effective leadership.


The Course Offers:

·     The best in leadership and personal-development thinking

·     Tools to improve your practice and create a business plan

·     Increased understanding of self and improved interpersonal relationships

·     Expanded professional network and opportunities for growth through LILI alumni programs

·     Leadership opportunities in NAIFA

·     The One Page Business Plan® by Jim Horan

·     The Kolb Learning Style Inventory

·     Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the #1 predictor of success in business and leadership. Learn what your EQ is and how to increase it.

·     Credibility by James Kouzes and Barry Posner – all new and revised edition with sharpened focus on how leaders earn and sustain credibility

·     Study of Jim Collins’ entire body of work on Good to Great companies, what drove some to fail, and others to thrive in uncertain times


Taking the course is an investment in oneself and the returns on the investment can be infinite. Graduates consistently report that LILI gives them the tools to succeed and 70% report a measurable increase in the growth of their business since graduating. The LILI program is only available for NAIFA members.


The Leadership in Life Institute’s curriculum is based on the leadership writings of Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Jim Collins and Kouzes & Posner. Each of the six sessions involves interactive learning in a small group setting.



To be considered for an upcoming LILI class, potential students must:

1.  Complete the application

2.  Meet the eligibility requirements

3.  Be approved by NAIFA-Florida

4.  Be a NAIFA member in good standing

5.  Commit to attending all 6 sessions

6.  Complete required assignments

7.  Pay student tuition


Once approved students have two tuition options. Print materials: $900 and Digital materials: $800


If you’re interested in taking our LILI class in 2024, contact NAIFA-Florida LILI Chair Alicia Longo at alicia@appsjax.com or Zachary Levin at zlevin@naifa.org.




Tuition is $900


For complete information or to enroll in LILI, click here — https://tdc.naifa.org/lili


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“I love everything about it. I am truly glad I took this class.”

Kathryn L. Suter, Agent with Allstate Insurance Company, NAIFA-Sarasota

“LILI is all Steve Saladino promised it would be.  I am growing exponentially.  What a great group!  Thank you for recommending it.”

Connie Mosley, LUTCF, FSS, SagePoint Financial, Inc., NAIFA-Tampa

 “While LILI is an opportunity for great personal discovery, it also provided plenty of useful, practical assistance that was immediately applicable to my practice. It was fun, challenging, and helped me sharpen my saw. I’m still unwrapping the many gifts that it blessed me with.”

Bryon Holz, CLU, ChFC, CASL, LUTCF, NAIFA-Tampa

“Although the focus was still on us as individuals, I realized that LILI is about much more than improving our locals. It is all about developing ourselves and our leadership capacity within ourselves. The skills I have learned will benefit me for my lifetime.”

Kolleen Edwards, NAIFA-Pensacola

“When I was approached to take the LILI program, my first reaction was: “Why? What’s wrong with me?”  And then I had to consider the demands of my personal life — my Mom had recently passed away, I needed to concentrate on my business, the time and distance commitment, etc., etc., etc. Part of what I learned in LILI was the invitation to join the class was a compliment — about what was actually right with me, not wrong. LILI assists us in identifying our strengths and weaknesses, solidifies our commitments, and defines the meaning of integrity beyond anything we thought possible.  I was a 2008 LILI Graduate and I own my own business.  I was the first Paramedical representative to take LILI in Florida, and as a results, 2008 was the best year I’d had  until then (by far!). The fundamental emotional fortitude you find in LILI never leaves you. If someone cares enough about you to approach you about LILI, or you care enough about yourself, your relationships and your career, I urge you to take the leap of faith. You will not regret it.  It is a small investment in becoming a better YOU.”  ………  

Alicia Burst, NAIFA-Jacksonville

“LILI was indeed worth the time commitment. Not only did we establish deeper personal relationships with our class members, we learned that we were not alone in this daily struggle called life. The LILI coursework put heavy emphasis on personal development through a number of resources: books, movies, and our own required writing assignments. It reminded me of college, except more practical than theoretical. We were required to dive into uncomfortable areas but the end results of the exercise were quite rewarding. I would strongly recommend participation in LILI. It matters not one’s age or experience, only the willingness to learn.”…..   

Curtis Neuman, NAIFA-Ocala

“LILI’s coursework provided valuable growth opportunities – how to grow professionally, how to grow personally — and it gave me a richer understanding of my professional association. As a result of my LILI experience, I feel I’ve become more well-rounded both as a professional and as an individual. More importantly, I’ve become a better leader.” ………  

Jeff Chernoff, NAIFA-Tampa

“As a LILI graduate, more than anything else, I became more committed to NAIFA and, specifically, to my local association.”  …….   

Denwood Parrish, NAIFA- Space Coast

“For years I put off applying for LILI because I wasn’t sure what benefit I would receive by attending yet another ” leadership” class! I was totally wrong in my skepticism and have been pleasantly surprised by the wealth of wisdom & opportunities afforded me after graduation! This class isn’t just for growing your business. The skills you’ll learn will help you in your everyday life, especially with challenging family dynamics that so many of us are facing.”  ………  

Toni Stanaland, NAIFA-Tampa

“I took LILI in Harrisburg, PA about five years ago. It was a life changing event. After the 5th or final 6th class, something changed in me. I finally had inner peace and happiness for the first time in my life. I’m puzzled that the NY Life’s, Mass Mutual’s, Pru’s, and Northwestern Mutual’s of the world do not make this a mandatory class for their advisors, and then pay for the class upon completion.”  ……….  

William Small, NAIFA- Palm Beaches

“I participated in LILI five years ago and found it to be an incredible experience! The friendships made were priceless and impactful. The information and skills developed have helped me become a much better agent.  I would recommend that anyone serious about our industry should sign up and attend a  LILI course — it will be a life changer!”  …..

Blake Thomas, NAIFA-Daytona Beach